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Integration process

Even if you can plan a streamlined process to setup PeopleRisk, you will quickly find that the integration will become iterative: acquire knowledge, design risk rules and calculations, get insights, and start over again to integrate more controls and get more and more benefits.

Acquire knowledge

We offer connectors for multiple different kind of knowledge sources. Therefore, you can easily integrate:

• One or multiple HR directories, with the official list of employees and basic HR data and organizational chart
• LDAP directories, like Microsoft Active Directory, for computer accounts or group memberships
• Databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle MySQL etc., for additional user accounts
• Remote applications through a SOAP or REST API, to access a CMDB or assets inventory
• Excel files, with lists of sensitive assets or custom other data
• CSV or non-structured files with more information, like the results of a DLP system
• … and whatever data you may find useful to weigh the risks of your staff members

Every connector will continuously monitor the source knowledge, and adapt the graph whenever changes are detected.

Design rules and calculations

As soon as you have gathered some knowledge, you can start composing rules: what elements should never be in relation? What kind of access should never be granted to a junior employee? What is the maximum price of company assets that an employee can have while travelling?

Use or CogTL Admin interface to design every rule, simply by visually indicating how to navigate on the knowledge graph, and what conditions should be fulfilled.

Get actionable and explainable insights

Now you immediately get results in PeopleRisk: immediately discover the top scorers or people in violation of a source, but also use our business user-friendly interface to:

• Obtain a 360° view of all pertinent information about your staff, with very simple access to all related knowledge and history.
• Compare staff members in a team or with similar profiles, to visually identify outliers.
• Export all lists or details to Excel for offline review.

No IA magic: every indicator will be explainable: click on any violation and obtain a textual explanation of what conditions led to this issue.

In risk management, exceptions to the rule are sometimes needed: use PeopleRisk to temporarily or permanently validate violations, raise the attention of the management to specific elements needing review, and comment on specific cases.

Transform your staff data to actionable insights

Maintain staff data knowledge

Our live data connectors consolidate a 360° view of your staff members. Always up-to-date, and designed for non-IT users.

Realtime compliance and risk levels

Staff organization, assets, accesses and regulation always change. Easily define your risk appetite and keep an oversight of your risk posture, day after day, and department by department.

Be reactive AND proactive

Be alerted on every unforeseen compliance violation, or whenever a person is out of your risk appetite. Automatically discover top scorers and outliers. Even better: simulate the impacts of every change before it happens.
Master operational risks related to your staff with PeopleRisk
With always up-to-date data, continuous risk level measurement and compliance validation, PeopleRisk brings risk management activities to a new level: real time, more cost effective and more agile than ever.

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