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  • We take on the most complex knowledge management challenges

Our CogTL engine is not an abstract, exploratory project disconnected from reality. The original idea came from our founder and lead architect, Gilles Rosset, while he was dealing with risk management in the complex and quickly evolving IT environment of a financial institution.

As an engineer, always fascinated by the inner mechanisms of our mind – from knowledge consolidation to logical reasoning, he spent months of nightly work to develop the MVP of CogTL, as “a virtual brain that acquires and analyses knowledge and imagines what could happen”. Feeling the huge potential of his engine, he founded Cognitechs – for Cognitive Technologies – with a clear objective to assist companies facing similar challenges, with brain-inspired algorithms.

Today, Cognitechs is organically growing, acquiring customers with complex knowledge management challenges and early adopters that embrace the huge potential of our CogTL engine, that daily witness the benefits of its exceptional agility, by being able to setup or adjust business rules, alerts or queries in minutes or hours.

Cognitechs main drivers

Listen and learn

We have our expertise field in algorithmics, data management and engineering. But our customers know their business, their needs and in fact, they have lots of ideas. We value their feedback, suggestions and exploratory projects. This applies on all relational aspects with our customers, from the first contact to support cases. Internally also, we value each other’s experience and strengths. Everyone benefits from an open mindset and respectful humility.

Quality and performances

In risk management and data quality projects, our customers must be able to count on correct, repeatable and explainable results, and all this in a very short time. Despite our strong will to propose more and more features, we focus on a strong stability, controlled changed management and low bugs rate. Performance monitoring is deeply integrated in all our algorithms, so that they can be continuously improved by taking into consideration new circumstances and use cases.

User friendliness

We are engineers, but we build products for multiple different categories of customers. We want our interfaces to be as self-explanatory, intuitive and pleasant to use as possible. And if they can even be a little fun too, it’s even better.

Innovative mindset

We strongly believe in the strength and quality of our CogTL engine. We know that it opens a universe of possibilities, some of them already being on our roadmap, but others may come anytime from any brainstorming, customer feedback, or Divine inspiration. We are eager to apply our knowledge management engine to multiple domains, and we value any idea that may arise, yet staying focused on our main goal: help our customers cope with complex and evolving environments.

CogTL and PeopleRisk support and rely on all modern technologies