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  • Keep in full control of your risks with CogTL Pilot

    Powered by our real time CogTL engine, Pilot effectively breaks all silos to stay in control of your risks at a global scale.

  • Keep in full control of your risks with CogTL Pilot

    Powered by our real time CogTL engine, Pilot effectively breaks all silos to stay in control of your risks at a global scale.

Most incidents are not due to sophisticated attacks or really complex circumstances. Most incidents are caused or made possible by basic errors or misconfigurations that could have been easily avoided. With Pilot, keep a continuous overview of all your controls, your risk posture, and keep track of every exception

Pilot ensures the continuous integrity of your risks control framework

Break technological silos

Show and manage the status of multiple assets and their associated controls in an unique interface, ensuring that all the pertinent information is easily accessible, contextualized and always up to date.

Break organizational silos

Pilot has been designed so that risk managers, control owners, auditors or compliance officers can collaborate easily, with pertinent dashboards and interfaces designed for them.

Automated triage

By using simple risk impact definitions, Pilot will emphasize elements that need more attention, to help you prioritize remediation actions.

Pilot features

  • Centralized knowledge
    Powered by our flagship CogTL® engine, Pilot is the perfect interface to easily access all the contextualized information regarding your key assets: being in a cybersecurity context (servers, workstations, applications, services, networks, third parties…), or any business domain (clients, contracts, product …): Pilot will show you the result of all associated controls easily, as well as investigate or comment on failures.
  • Risk impact calculation
    Quantifying the risks associated with a failing control is tricky. By making this configuration accessible, agile and without the need to develop any code, and allowing to condition the calculation to other criteria, a real time global risk posture calculation becomes a reality.
  • Agile framework
    Thanks to our CogTL® engine and the easily customizable configuration of Pilot, adding new controls or adjusting risk impacts is completely visual and can be done within minutes.
  • Analysis and reporting
    Directly inspired by the success of our PeopleRisk analysis dashboard, Pilot also provides an interactive Analysis view to search for specific elements, and plot the results using multiple appropriate and automated visualizations.
  • Actionable alerts
    In the reality of any business, multiple exceptions may exist to nearly any rule or policy – most of the time for a good reason. Pilot makes it possible to temporarily validate or comment on any failing control, so that it generally not appears anymore in the various views, and serves as a reference for risk, compliance or audit teams.
  • Compliance view
    Companies looking for a compliance with standard frameworks like ISO/ISAE/GDPR… know that gathering the evidences for yearly audits may be costly in time and resources. By making it possible to view all controls as “chapters” of standard frameworks, Pilot becomes a huge time-saver when it comes to demonstrate compliance to a third party.

The Pilot difference


Security controls are not performed on a schedule: they are performed whenever something changes. This gives you the guarantee that failures are detected as soon as possible, and risk scores are always up to date.

Agile and evolutive

With our flagship CogTL® engine, integrate new data sources or controls without one line of code: visually design rules, for a very short time-to-market and high adaptivity.

Aligned with business

As exceptions happen, temporarily validate anomalies our violations with a clear audit trail and inventory of risk decisions, for further reference.


It is in Cognitechs DNA to provide applications that should be adaptable to any business domain, industry or information system: Pilot can be used for cybersecurity, business or medical data, or any domain where a “health check” of multiple controls is needed to minimize the risks.
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