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Manage complexity across silos

With heterogenous information systems and data stores, and a high degree of information diffusion across distributed and compartmentalized systems, institutions must cope with data quality issues and propagation delays.Discover how CogTL can help clearing silos, building an agile representation of shared data to achieve better coherence, contextualization and real-time visibility, for a better service and improved risk management.

Easy integration

With a variety of data connectors and a modular architecture, CogTL can quickly fit in any distributed information system, or even be partly running in the Cloud.


Thanks to our flexible and modern user interface, without a single line of code, the time-to-market for any rule or data query is shorter than ever.


With our integrated and flexible access rights model, sensitive personal data can be stored safely, and its access can be reserved for authorized eyes only.


Thanks to CogTL ease of configuration and its iterative process, quickly achieve a return on investment. No need for the funding of a huge project up front: start small and grow at your own pace.

Which type of data

Knowledge Management

With the power of our real-time Knowledge Graphs modelling engine, build a centralized and federated view of all shared data across multiple departments and heterogenous IT systems, that can benefit every service by bringing an always up-to-date context while lowering the need to duplicate and synchronize data.

As a result, get more coherence and a better data quality, and quickly identify and correct the sources of errors.


Financial institutions are a first-choice target for cybercriminals. With an increased exposure to Internet in the context of the growing quantity of services offered online (mobile applications, open APIs, etc), it may be challenging to cope with the internal systems complexity, shorter time-to-market for new features, and costs management.

CogTL has been designed to integrate multiple data sources in a knowledge graph representing IT assets, the company network, user accounts, vulnerability scans, or live external intelligence feeds … in a single model. On this always up-to-date model, our probabilistic simulation engine can now project all kinds of attack scenarios and combine them to discover weak spots and most exposed elements.

As a result, CogTL will make you more reactive whenever a random change in the system leads to a significative change of exposure, and proactive by giving you actionable insights to prioritize your cybersecurity investments – before a real attacker figures it out.

Human risks management

With distributed and fragmented departments, heterogenous systems and assets inventories, keep a global oversight of human risks over an institution may be a challenge. Whether we are speaking about the risk of erroneous actions, missing toxic combinations or chasing the “insider threat”, institutions face a high complexity to efficiently cover human operational risks. With the power of our real-time CogTL engine and our dedicated PeopleRisk interface, quickly gain efficiency and enhance the operational risks coverage. Empower managers and HR with a solution designed for them, giving them access to all pertinent and up-to-date information and provide them with pertinent alerts as soon as required.
Discover the power or CogTL
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CogTL and PeopleRisk support and rely on all modern technologies