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Pure risk management

In a highly competitive environment, insurance companies need to continuously seek the sweetest spot between sufficient resources to cover expected or unexpected events, and lower fees to be more attractive to new customers. With its powerful risk calculation and simulation features, CogTL brings real time, agile and cost effective insights to tailor costs, offers and conditions.

Easy integration

With a variety of data connectors and a modular architecture, CogTL quickly fits in any corporate information system.


Thanks to our flexible and modern user interface, without a single line of code, the time-to-market for any rule or data query is shorter than ever.


With our integrated and flexible access rights model, sensitive personal data can be stored safely, and its access can be reserved for authorized eyes only.


Thanks to CogTL ease of configuration and its iterative process, quickly achieve a return on investment. No need for the funding of a huge project up front: start small and grow at your own pace.

Which type of data

Customers risk management

Risk management basically consists in weighting the probability of risk scenarios. The more data and analytical capabilities you have, the more precise the estimation can be. By nature, CogTL can aggregate all available information about your customers along with all their context, and its “artificial imagination” features will enter into action to provide very precise estimations, giving you insights and trends about every customer, but also every event type globally or by customer class.

360° view of customers data

In a more and more transparent and open world, you must get rid of data silos. Customer data is a key asset in insurance companies. By building a unified and always up-to-date model of all pertinent customer data, you will naturally gain efficiency by getting more context in your business processes, reach a better global data quality by automatically underlining incoherencies, provide a better access to information for your staff, and open the door to more pertinent and thorough analytic capabilities to discover market opportunities.

Operational risks management

Humans are the heart of risk management in insurance companies: whether we are speaking about the risk of erroneous actions or chasing the “insider threat”, risk managers must take into account a high number of quantitative and qualitative factors to weigh operational human risks.

With our dedicated PeopleRisk application, provide them with the ideal interface, turning the technical power of our CogTL engine into their business language: Risk indicators, compliance rules, managed exceptions, risk appetite etc.
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