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  • Enterprise licensing

Free evaluation

CogTL is free to test for 30 days with only a few limitations, in terms of data volumetry and count of connected sources.

CogTL license

Cognitechs offers Enterprise licenses as a yearly subscription fee, based on data volumetry. This flexible model allows you to start small and grow at your own pace.

PeopleRisk + CogTL license

As PeopleRisk is highly integrated with our CogTL engine, it cannot be sold separately and is licensed as an option to a standard Enterprise CogTL subscription.

What you get

Our CogTL (and PeopleRisk) applications

  • Our powerful real time knowledge management and inference engine.
  • CogTL Admin, the modern user interface to administrate CogTL engine, explore data and perform advanced queries.
  • Connectors to all common types of data sources, including databases, LDAP directories, Excel/CSV/LDIF/unstructured text files, REST or SOAP external APIs, etc.
  • Our OpenAPI v3.0 to query or feed CogTL or PeopleRisk from other systems.
  • All simulation features to calculate the effects of a potential knowledge change.
  • (optionally) PeopleRisk, our business-oriented interface for team leaders and risk managers.


By subscribing to an Enterprise CogTL/PeopleRisk license, you get our CogTL engine (and optional PeopleRisk application) as Docker containers and a non-transferrable license key, as well as a second license key for one non-productive environment (test, integration, dev). The CogTL engine requires a MongoDB database. We can provide you with a basic MongoDB container ready for basic usages, but if you prefer to use your own Enterprise installation, you can connect our CogTL server to your own MongoDB replica set.

New releases
and patches

All minor and major updates will automatically be included in your subscription, always delivered as Docker containers and with backwards compatibility.

Support services

As a registered customer, you naturally get an access to our support ticketing service where we will assist you for any difficulty that you may encounter – being a bug suspicion or a request for integration or strategic services

Your voice counts

Cognitechs is strongly customer oriented. By reaching out to us as a registered customer, we are eager to hear your thoughts, remarks, ideas or new functionalities wishes, and we will definitely do our best to meet your needs.

Join us at Cognitechs !

We’re a young company, but we believe that we have a long journey in front of us. We are actively looking for motivated, creative and dynamic talents to build our future together.