Financial services

Risk and opportunities

Between increasing requirements in terms of compliance and risk management, and a highly competitive environment, with neo-banks proposing a whole new business model to their clients, financial institutions must reinvent themselves. Discover how CogTL can be used both as an agile and cost-effective risk management framework, and an efficient tool allowing them to take advantage of the quantity of data that they own to open business opportunities.



In a highly competitive environment, insurance companies need to continuously seek the sweetest spot between sufficient resources to cover expected or unexpected events, and lower fees to be more attractive to new customers. With its powerful risk calculation and simulation features, CogTL brings real time, agile and cost effective insights to tailor costs, offers and conditions.



With heterogenous information systems and data stores, and a high degree of information diffusion across distributed and compartmentalized systems, institutions must cope with data quality issues and propagation delays.Discover how CogTL can help clearing silos, building an agile representation of shared data to achieve better coherence, contextualization and real-time visibility, for a better service and improved risk management.

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